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1 in 4 girls

1 in 4 girls is sexually abused during childhood.

I am 1 in 4 girls.
I am, so far, a survivor.
This is my story.

These are my thoughts, prayers, fears, nightmares;
but also my joys, loves, comforts, strengths...

  • Be

    How can I be a friend when I don’t trust anyone to know the truth about me?

    How can I be a lover when my version of an orgasm is crying hysterically?

    How can I be a wife when I look at any father and daughter relationship doubtfully?

    How can I be a mother when my father abused me and my mother neglected me?

    How can I be a nursery teacher when every time I see a little girl, I feel so unhappy?

    How can I be all these things I want to be?

  • 13th

    Thinkin’ with your brains blown that would make the pain go?
    No, you gotta find a way to survive
    ‘cause they win when your soul dies

    Baby don’t cry, you gotta keep ya head up
    Even when the road is hard, never give up

  • Her

    Nightmares trap her
    demons attack her
    something chases her
    always the case for her
    no rest ‘cause sleep’s stressing her
    like the devil’s testing her
    but it’s not amusing for her
    flashbacks of dad abusing her

  • 11th
  • She’s living

    She’s living a lie
    everyday she tries to smile
    while inside she dies
    keeping up appearances all the while

    She’s living with her molester
    it was 15 years ago
    the night he touched her
    after all this time she should let go

    She’s living her life
    despite the past
    she constantly wipes her eyes
    gotta hide the hurt fast

    She’s living as best as she can
    don’t want everyone to know he did bad
    they’d publicly shame the man
    that she calls “Dad”

  • Accent Red by Neil Talwar