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1 in 4 girls

1 in 4 girls is sexually abused during childhood.

I am 1 in 4 girls.
I am, so far, a survivor.
This is my story.

These are my thoughts, prayers, fears, nightmares;
but also my joys, loves, comforts, strengths...

  • Be

    How can I be a friend when I don’t trust anyone to know the truth about me?

    How can I be a lover when my version of an orgasm is crying hysterically?

    How can I be a wife when I look at any father and daughter relationship doubtfully?

    How can I be a mother when my father abused me and my mother neglected me?

    How can I be a nursery teacher when every time I see a little girl, I feel so unhappy?

    How can I be all these things I want to be?

  • 11th
  • "Bleeding in Silence"

    "Bleeding in Silence"

  • Accent Red by Neil Talwar